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Our PowerPoint presentation specialist team has in-depth working knowledge in applications such as PowerPoint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Coral Draw, Flash etc.


PowerPoint Presentation Designing

One-to-one presentation

Handwritten pages as fax, images or PDF versions of slide will be transformed into the PowerPoint template given by client. We focus on delivering one-to-one 100% accurate documents.

PowerPoint presentation makeover

Existing PowerPoint presentation will be improved in terms of enhancing layouts, graphics according to client standard template or corporate guideline.

High-end presentation

PowerPoint slides can be made visually more appealing by adding appropriate colors, images, gradients and matching message with layout.

Conversion from one to template to another

PowerPoint presentations in one template (e.g., client source file) will be transformed into the required template (e.g., target template). Contents from Word and Excel can also be transformed into PowerPoint slides.

Visual enhancement

Changing the existing PowerPoint layout of slide to conform with the message of the slide, while ensuring optimum usage of slide space and maintaining appropriate font size.

Adding illustrative images

Suitable images will be included in order to convey the message more visually and prominently.

Animating slides

Animation helps the PowerPoint designer/presenter to communicate the complex process in a better and easily understandable manner to the target audience. Our Creative PowerPoint Team has vast experience in animating slide contents very effectively.


Template Designing

Our PowerPoint Specialist Team creates the PowerPoint template according to the inputs provided by the client. We have a separate questionnaire to gather information about the client's requirements and corporate identity.


Add-in Creation

PowerPoint add-in is a small program or macro to simplify a specific task, which is repetitive or performed frequently while creating PowerPoint slides. With this PowerPoint add-ins, tasks that previously required many steps to accomplish can be handled quickly and easily. These macros save your time and money; also reduce the number of PowerPoint resources as they automate the repeated processes. You can install this add-ins in to your computer to add extra functionality to Microsoft PowerPoint.

The advantage of macros is to increase the productivity in PowerPoint slide creation. Our specialized PowerPoint Add-in Creation Team is capable of designing and creating macros of any level of complexity. Few examples for frequently used add-ins are inserting page numbers/footer/sticker, repositioning of default elements (exhibit title, subtitle, unit of measure, source/footnote, etc.), image insertion, split and join text boxes, making shapes or objects same size, etc.


Poster/Banner/Brochure Designing

A well-developed brochure is an investment to the company's future. Brochures lend credibility and professionalism to the enterprise, at a time when it is trying to become known in the market. Successful companies invest a lot of time and energy for making successful brochures. From a corporate brochure to the use of specific colors and layouts, a visual corporate image contains a message far beyond that of the text. It carries that first impression of how professional and reliable your company is. Potential clients base decisions not only on the content of a message, but on how well it is presented. For each and every industry, there is a specific image that will be most appealing to a target audience.

MyBusiness Visual succeeds in defining and implementing this necessary business strategy by designing powerful and memorable brochure designs. A well-conceptualized and designed brochure is a marketer's biggest asset – an invincible marketing tool. MyBusiness Visual has assisted companies in the conceptualization and brochure designs. MyBusiness Visual designs and formats the brochure to substantiate details regarding your product or service and more importantly, your company.


Photo Retouching and Enhancement

Our photo retouch-up techniques, enhance your old photograph to a brand new photo. We “improve” your photographs, by smoothing the backgrounds, adding relevant colors and removing unwanted objects. Our photo retouching services helps to safeguard your old photos.


Excel Programming

We have specialists in Excel programming who develop projects for our global, clients which involves developing complex forms, functions, modules and coding for affordable cost.


Data Processing

Our separate Data Processing Team supports in producing and designing new Word documents, formatting existing Word documents, PDF to Word conversion and data analysis, Filtering and Pivot table work in Excel etc.